self-construct (self • kon • strukt'), v.i. to take responsibility for engendering your unique gifts by completing the job left unfinished by your parents.

It's Not Your Fault. Really. No, Seriously

When I was a young girl attempting to play basketball, I would always dribble backing up so that I could keep my body between my opponents and the ball. I was sure that if I turned around and put the ball out in front of me, someone would steal it and I would look...

Monsters Under the Bed

A sound mind is, in actuality, a well-run committee. Freud notwithstanding, a healthy psyche is made up of the many aspects of our personality, each arguing reasonably yet passionately from its particular point of view.

Pricked: The Sleeping Beauty Effect of a Poor Childhood

Ours is a zeitgeist of sky-high expectations. We are all supposed to move surely and swiftly toward personal, professional, and financial successes, navigating capably through one life challenge after another.

The Moxie of Truth: We Can Handle It

Inadequate adults prepare us inadequately. Even loving and well-meaning adults unwittingly pass on psychological errors and naïveté. Flaws in our upbringing are what create the psychological barbs that lie in wait and prick us...

Psychological Differentiation
From This Point On: Now It Will Be Your Fault
Will and Will to Power
The Fightin' Side of Love