self-construct (self • kon • strukt'), v.i. to take responsibility for engendering your unique gifts by completing the job left unfinished by your parents.

It's Not Your Fault. Really. No, Seriously

When I was a young girl attempting to play basketball, I would always dribble backing up so that I could keep my body between my opponents and the ball. I was sure that if I turned around and put the ball out in front of me, someone would steal it and I would look...

Monsters Under the Bed

A sound mind is, in actuality, a well-run committee. Freud notwithstanding, a healthy psyche is made up of the many aspects of our personality, each arguing reasonably yet passionately from its particular point of view.

Pricked: The Sleeping Beauty Effect of a Poor Childhood

Ours is a zeitgeist of sky-high expectations. We are all supposed to move surely and swiftly toward personal, professional, and financial successes, navigating capably through one life challenge after another.

The Moxie of Truth: We Can Handle It

Inadequate adults prepare us inadequately. Even loving and well-meaning adults unwittingly pass on psychological errors and naïveté. Flaws in our upbringing are what create the psychological barbs that lie in wait and prick us...

Maintaining Psychological Gains: Writing Codes of Conclusion
Procrastination: Read This NOW!!
Psychological Differentiation
To Err Really Is Human: What to Make of Mistakes