How To Self-Construct

Returning Yourself to Health – A Brief Introduction

I. Untangling Your Unique Past

A Self-Guided Tour of Your Upbringing – An Introduction to Section I

It's Not Your Fault. Really. No, Seriously

Monsters Under the Bed

Pricked: The Sleeping Beauty Effect of a Poor Childhood

A Good Childhood: How It’s Supposed to Go

Self-Parenting: It’s All in the Attitude

How To Talk To Yourself: Healthy Internal Discussions

II. Establishing A Responsible Present

Self-Discipline Skills – An Introduction to Section II

Willpower: The Little Engine That Could

A New and Improved You: The Neurology of Growth and Change

Effective Practice: The 51% Solution

Defending Yourself: Why It Is A Good Idea

Procrastination: Read This NOW!!

Accumulation: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Task Magic: The Power of a Made Bed

Resisting Temptation: A Battle of Wits

Existential Petulance – One Precursor to Clinical Depression

Psychological Differentiation

Maintaining Psychological Gains: Writing Codes of Conclusion

III. Creating A Meaningful Future

Designing A Life – An Introduction to Section III

Why We Don’t Like Ourselves: The Complete List of Awful

The Seven Deadly Sins: Whose Idea Was This Anyway?

Mad Scientists: Designing the Experiments of Life

Will and Will to Power

Before You Leap

Mastery: Being Über Human

The Existential Roots of Career Choice

Cultural Myths That Clutter the Career Selection Process

Finding Your Employment Bliss

IV. Facing The Truth About Fate

Being Authentic – An Introduction to Section IV

The Moxie of Truth: We Can Handle It

Life Is Difficult

Myth, Choice, Truth: Think Globally, Act Locally

To Err Really Is Human: What to Make of Mistakes

What to Change About Yourself: It’s Not At All What You Think

Symptoms: It’s All Good

Was That Nice?


Foundations of Solid Self-Esteem

V. Building Connections To Energize Your World

Growth in Connection – An Introduction to Section V

The Work of Relationships: Tending Love

Communication: One Subject At a Time

Empathy: True Generosity of Spirit

My Bad: A Complete Apology


Positive Feedback: Giveth and Taketh

The Architecture of Love

Assertiveness: Speaking Up While Staying Connected


The Fightin' Side of Love



Will One Thing

From This Point On: Now It Will Be Your Fault

The Theories Underlying Self-Construct

Finding Good Teachers: The Existential Whiz Kids

Feminism: The Mother of All Voices



Discussion Prompts

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