How To Self-Construct

Returning Yourself to Health – An Introduction to Self-construction

I. Untangling Your Unique Past

A Self-Guided Tour of Your Upbringing – An Introduction to Section I

It's Not Your Fault. Really. No, Seriously.

Shame: The Actual Monster Under the Bed

Pricked: The Sleeping Beauty Effect of a Poor Childhood

A Good Childhood: How It’s Supposed to Go

Self-Parenting: It’s All in the Attitude

How To Talk To Yourself: Healthy Internal Discussions

II. Establishing A Responsible Present

Self-Discipline Skills – An Introduction to Section II

Willpower: The Little Engine That Could

What to Change About Yourself: It’s Not At All What You Think

A New and Improved You: The Neurology of Growth and Change

Effective Practice: The 51% Solution

Defending Yourself: Why It Is A Good Idea

Procrastination: Read This NOW!!

Task Magic: The Power of a Made Bed

Accumulation: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

An Intentional To-do List

Resisting Temptation: A Battle of Wits

Psychological Differentiation

Maintaining Psychological Gains: Writing Codes of Conclusion

Comfort, Discomfort and Inebriation

Existential Petulance – One Precursor to Clinical Depression

III. Creating A Meaningful Future

Designing A Life – An Introduction to Section III

Why We Don’t Like Ourselves: The Complete List of Awful

The Seven Deadly Sins: Whose Idea Was This Anyway?

Mad Scientists: Designing the Experiments of Life

Will and Will to Power

Jack and Jill of All Trades

Mastery: Being Über Human

Before You Leap

The Existential Roots of Career Choice

Cultural Myths That Clutter the Career Selection Process

Finding Your Employment Bliss

IV. Facing The Truth About Fate

Being Authentic – An Introduction to Section IV

The Moxie of Truth: We Can Handle It

Life Is Difficult

Myth, Choice, Truth: Think Globally, Act Locally

To Err Really Is Human: What to Make of Mistakes

Symptoms: It’s All Good

Foundations of Solid Self-Esteem

Was That Nice?

Absent Minded

Triumph in the Game of Life

V. Building Connections To Energize Your World

Growth in Connection – An Introduction to Section V

The Architecture of Love

The Work of Relationships: Tending Love

Communication: One Subject At a Time

Empathy: True Generosity of Spirit

My Bad: A Complete Apology


Positive Feedback: Giveth and Taketh

Assertiveness: Speaking Up While Staying Connected


The Fightin' Side of Love




Honey, I'm home!

VI. In Conclusion: Will One Thing

I Want

From This Point On: Now It Will Be Your Fault

The Theories Underlying Self-Construct

Finding Good Teachers: The Existential Whiz Kids

Feminism: The Mother of All Voices



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